Petition 80645

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Gambling (80645-C1-¶163.G)

Amend ¶163.G as follows:
Gambling is a menace to society, deadly to the best interests of moral, social, economic, and spiritual life, and destructive of good government and good stewardship. As an act of faith and concern, Christians should abstain from gambling and should strive to minister to those victimized by the practice.  Where gambling has become addictive, the Church will encourage such individuals to receive therapeutic assistance so that the individual's energies may be redirected into positive and constructive ends.  
The Church acknowledges the dichotomy that can occur when opposing gambling while supporting American Indian tribal sovereignty and self-determination.  Therefore the Church’s role is to create sacred space to allow for dialogue and education that will promote an holistic understanding of the American Indians’ historic quest for survival. The Church’s  should prophetic call is to promote standards of justice and advocacy  and personal lifestyles that would make make it unnecessary and undesirable to he resort to commercial gambling—including public lotteries, casinos, raffles, Internet gambling, gambling with emerging wireless technology and other games of chance—as a recreation, as an escape, or as a means of producing public revenue or funds for support of charities or governments.