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The UMC and Peace (80615-C1-R338)

Amend Resolution No. 338 as follows:  
  Longing for safety is a feeling that all human beings share with one another...The way to real peace and security is reconciliation. We will not attain full reconciliation between all peoples before God’s final consummation because the forces of evil and destruction are still at work in the hearts of human beings and in their relationships. But we are called to be peacemakers and ministers of reconciliation until our Lord comes. (In Search of Security, Council of Bishops Task Force on Safety and Security)   
Amend Par. 11
We support treaty efforts to ban the development, trade, and use of weapons that are inhumane, are excessively injurious, and have indiscriminate effects. Such weapons include land-mines landmines, booby traps, weapons with non-detectable fragments, incendiary weapons, dirty bombs, cluster bombs, and blinding laser weapons.  
Amend Par. 13  
Millions of people still live under oppressive rule and various forms of exploitation Millions more live under deplorable conditions of racial, sexual, religious and class discrimination.  
Amend Par. 17  
Economic and political considerations greatly affect issues of food, energy, raw materials, and other commodities. We support efforts in the United Nations to achieve new levels of justice in the world economic order, and work for the realization of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. [See Res. #309, Globalizations and Its Impact on Human Rights and Human Dignity].
Amend Par. 33
The 1960 General Conference established the landmark study “The Christian Faith and War in the Nuclear Age.” ...It called work for these creative alternatives “our mission field as we live as disciples of the Prince of Peace.” In a more recent study by the Task Force on Safety and Security of the Council of Bishops, “In Search of Security,” they asserted that fear causes us to accumulate weapons and to devote all too much of our resources to the goal of deterring our supposed enemy. Paradoxically enough, it is the special temptation of the strong and the rich to overreact in this way. This blocks resources that could be used much more creatively for development and social justice around the world.”

To renumber section VI as new Section V.

Delete Pars. 22-29 from this resolution and re-adopt it as a stand alone resolution retaining the title “Military Conscription, Training and Service.”