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Justice for Filipino WWII Veterans (80602-C1-R273)

Amend Resolution No. 273 as follows:  
Change in Fourth Paragraph  
Today, there are about 72,000 surviving Filipino WWII veterans in their 70s and 80s who are still waiting for justice after more than fifty sixty years. Their number is quickly dwindling due to death from ill-health and old age. Many in the United States live in poverty. Often, four to six veterans share a studio apartment or live in a converted garage without heat during winter. They must continue to work in order to survive, because they don't get veterans' benefits. Although some Filipino WWII veterans living in the U.S. eventually qualify for SSI, those living in the Philippines do not receive any benefits of any kind. A number of Filipino WWII veterans, both living in the United States and in the Philippines, are active members of United Methodist churches. The Filipino WWII veterans are fighting the last battle of their lives, to receive justice and veterans benefits in their lifetime. . . .  
New sentence at the end of last paragraph  
... the United Methodist Young Adult Fellowship. We also resolve that the General Board of Church and Society, the Philippines Central Conference Board of Church and Society, and the National Association of Filipino-American United Methodists work together to advocate with appropriate bodies and officials in the Unites States Congress and the Philippine government, urging and encouraging these officials to continue in and consummate their efforts to secure these overdue veterans’ benefits.