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Organ and Tissue Donation (80575-C2-R151)

Amend Resolution 151 WHEREAS, Consistent with the Great Commandment to love God with all our heart, soul, and mind, and our neighbors as ourselves (Matthew 22:37-39), selfless consideration for the health and welfare of all persons is at the heart of the Christian ethic. ; and
WHEREAS , O o rgan and tissue donation is a life-giving act, since transplantation of organs and tissues is scientifically proven to save the lives of persons with terminal diseases and improve the quality of life for the blind, the deaf, and persons with life-threatening illnesses. ; and
WHEREAS , O o rgan donation may be perceived as a positive outcome of a seemingly senseless death and is thereby comforting to the family of the deceased and is conducted with respect, and with the highest consideration for maintaining the dignity of the deceased and his or her family. ; and
WHEREAS , M m oral leaders the world over recognize organ and tissue donation as an expression of humanitarian ideals in giving life to another ; and
WHEREAS, T t housands of persons who could benefit from organ and tissue donation continue to suffer and die due to lack of consent for donation, due primarily to poor awareness and lack of an official direction from the church,  
Therefore, be it resolved, that The United Methodist Church recognizes the life-giving benefits of organ and tissue donation and therefore  encourages : thereby encourages all Christians to
      1.    Encourages all United Methodist members and others to become organ and tissue donors by signing and carrying cards, or driver's licenses or other forms of identification, attesting to their commitment of such organs upon their death to those in need, as a part of their ministry to others in the name of Christ, who gave his life that we might have life in its fullness; and .
      2.    Encourages its congregations to join in the yearly ecumenical and interfaith celebration of National Donor Sabbath in the interest of urging United Methodist members and others to consider becoming future organ and tissue donors. Usually held two weekends before Thanksgiving, this national event is an expression of our Christian gratitude for the gift of life. Congregations may choose a variety of ways to educate persons about organ and tissue donation. Examples of ways churches currently participate include developing special liturgies, bulletin inserts, sermons on the subject and church school discussions. Additional examples may be found on the internet at and on the web sites of United Methodist and other faith groups and general agencies. Waiting lists for organ and tissue transplants are long and the need is great. National Donor Sabbath provides yet another way United Methodists can help save lives.