Petition 80551

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GBPHB Membership (80551-FA-¶1502.1)

Amend ¶1502.1 Membership—a) as follows:
The membership of the general board shall be composed of two bishops, elected by the Council of Bishops; sixteen members elected by the jurisdictional conferences from the annual conference nominations on a ratio providing for an equitable distribution among the various jurisdictions, based on the combined clergy and laity membership thereof, as determined by the secretary of the General Conference, provided that no jurisdiction shall be represented by fewer than two such members ;  six members, with not more than two from the same jurisdiction, elected by the General Conference on nomination of the Council of Bishops; and eight additional members for the purpose of bringing to the general board special knowledge or background, not more than two from the same jurisdiction, nominated and elected by the general board in such manner as it shall provide in its bylaws.


As currently written, this provision may be in conflict with ¶ 705 regarding proportionate allocation of members from the jurisdictions by the Secretary of the General Conference.