Petition 80548

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GBPHB Authorizations - Old Plans (80548-FA-¶1504.3)

Amend ¶1504.3 as follows:
To continue the operation, management, and administration of relief, assistance, and benefit funds, plans, and programs created prior to 1981 , including, but not limited to:  the Lay Pension Plan; Joint Contributory Annuity Fund; Staff Pension Fund; the Pension Plan for Lay Employees; Lay Employees Pension Fund; Bishops Reserve Pension and Benefit Fund, in consultation with the General Council on Finance and Administration; the Chaplains Supplemental Pension Grant Fund, in consultation with the Division of chaplains and Related Ministries; the Printing Establishment of the United Brethren in Christ Fund; and the Retirement Allowance for Bishops, General Church Officers, and Staff Personnel Plan of the former Evangelical United Brethren Church, with funds to be provided by the General Council on Finance and Administration .


The current paragraph lists some, but not all, pre-82 plans administered by the General Board.  The change simplifies the paragraph and is more accurate.