Petition 80542

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Conference Board of Pensions Membership (80542-FA-¶638.2a)

Amend ¶638.2 Membership -- a) as follows:
It is recommended that the board be composed of not less than twelve members not indebted to pension and benefit funds, plans, and programs; one-third laywomen, one-third laymen, and one-third clergy; and in accordance with ¶ 605.3 elected for a term of eight years and arranged in classes as determined by the annual conference; and in addition thereto, any clergy member of the conference or lay member of a church within the conference who is a member of the General Board of Pension and Health Benefits. Active and retired participants in pension and benefit funds, plans and programs, whether or not currently receiving benefits, and not indebted as provided above, are eligible to serve on the board.  All lay members shall be ...


This change clarifies the meaning of the word “indebted” and eliminates confusion regarding the ability of current participants and retirees of General Board plans to serve on the conference board of pensions.