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Retiree Health Insurance Funding (80537-FA-ΒΆ1504)

Add a new sub-paragraph after 1504.21 that reads as follows:
22. To work with the Conference Boards of Pension to design a system for the shared responsibility for funding of retiree health insurance for participants who over the course of their ministry serve in multiple annual conferences.  The method should be designed in order to recognize the various funding methods that conferences have for retiree health insurance, including in some cases no funding for health insurance for retirees, with each conference’s responsibility being based on the pro share of the participant’s eligible service in the conference compared to the participant’s total years of service with the participant responsible for any unfunded portion of the insurance cost.


In our connectional system participants can serve in multiple annual conferences.   The cost of retiree health benefits should be shared between the conferences in which the participant served and the participant.