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Substance Abuse Prevention (80536-C2-R9999)

Add a new resolution as follows:
Be it resolved that the 2008 General Conference of the United Methodist Church supports efforts to both address and help prevent substance use and abuse by encouraging every local church in the following ways:
ADVOCACY:  To maintain collegiality and dialogue with law enforcement and substance abuse programs:
Raise awareness regarding issues of substance abuse and the effects it has upon families and communities, especially our youth, young adults and senior citizens.
Make church property available to community forums to facilitate communication, to minimize hurtful stereotypes and provide accurate information. Create and develop programs, especially for youth and young adults that include personal witness from those recovering from substance addiction.  Invite the media, press, television and internet resources to bear upon the issue in a manner that encourages and empowers cooperation in resolving these issues to heal hearts, souls and minds and nurture recovery.
HEALING:  To encourage and educate each local church in their capacity to become a place of healing:

Establish an intentional ministry of healing and wholeness to those afflicted and affected by substance abuse such as “Faith Partners”, a program designed by the Rush Center of the Johnson Institute that has been adopted by the General Board of Mission for use in United Methodist congregations.
Recognize and empower healing by encouraging personal testimony during a Sunday worship service designed to honor successful recovery.