Petition 80514

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Reducing the Size of General Conference (80514-CO-¶13.1-C)

Amend ¶13.1 as follows:
The General Conference shall be composed of not less than 600  500 nor more than 1,000  600 delegates, one-half of whom shall be clergy and one-half lay members, to be elected by the annual conferences. The missionary conferences shall be considered as annual conferences for the purpose of this article.
Financial information
This petition has financial implications due to the potential to decrease apportionment expenses in the General Administration Fund.  If this were adopted in time for it to take effect for the 2012 General Conference, an anticipated savings of $1,530,000 could be realized just for travel, housing, and meals of delegates.  Starting in 2016, a range of cities and facilities could be considered that currently are not adequate to hold General Conference.


This is recommended expressly for the purpose of creating a gathering at which Christian conferencing is possible by creating better conversation among fewer people as opposed to a thousand.  Fewer delegates with fewer petitions could mean a shorter time, in less expensive places, with less expensive arrangements overall.