Petition 80051

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Dissolution of General Board of Church and Society (80051-C1-¶1001)

Delete ¶¶ 1001-1011, and 628 entirely.
Delete references to General Board of Church and Society in ¶¶702.2, 264.1c, 1903.14, 906.1c, 705.1a, 705.5c, 1207.2a, and 1127.1c.
Amend ¶265.3 as follows:
Organ and Tissue Donor Sunday—Organ and Tissue Donor Sunday shall be observed annually, preferably on the second Sunday in November since the date is close to Thanksgiving and is viewed as a time to come together around the issues of life and Thanksgiving. Congregations are encouraged to support Organ and Tissue Donor Sunday by including the topic in their worship services. The General Board of Church and Society will have responsibility for the supervision and promotion of the observance of this special Sunday. Worship resource materials are available at all of the not-for-profit donor programs in the United States.
Amend ¶264.5 as follows:
Peace with Justice Sunday—Historically, Peace with Justice Sunday has been celebrated with an offering on the First Sunday After Pentecost. Congregations are to observe Peace with Justice Sunday on this date or on another date appropriate to the local church. Pentecost celebrates the outpouring of the Holy Spirit calling for God's shalom. Peace with Justice witnesses to God's demand for a faithful, just, disarmed, and secure world. In connection with Peace with Justice Sunday, the General Commission on Communication shall conduct a churchwide appeal. The observance shall be under the general supervision of the General Board of Church and Society.


We call for the dissolution of the General Board of Church and Society due to its increasing faith in secularism and departure from Orthodox Christianity and Wesleyan Theology as evidenced in the sermons, writings, teachings and beliefs of John Wesley.