Petition 80505

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Statement on Hamas (80505-C1-R9999)

Statement on Hamas
WHEREAS, Hamas has been widely classified as a terrorist organization; and
WHEREAS, Hamas is responsible for numerous acts of unjustified and murderous violence against Israelis, political rivals in the Fatah faction, and Palestinians suspected of collaboration with Israeli authorities; and
WHEREAS, Article 32 of the Hamas Charter explicitly endorses The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, an infamous 19th  century anti-Semitic forgery that influenced later fascist leaders in Europe; and
WHEREAS, the leaders of Hamas have refused to recognize Israel’s right to exist; and
WHEREAS, the 2006 election victory by Hamas raised significant questions about how the group should be viewed and treated;
Therefore, be it resolved, that we affirm Israel’s non-negotiable right to exist within secure borders and to use appropriate means to protect its citizens from terrorism as; and
Be it further resolved, that we call on the leaders of Hamas to immediately recognize Israel’s right to exist, renounce violence, and reform their charter; and
Be it further resolved, that we re-affirm our commitment to human rights, justice, and self-determination for all people in the region.