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Israel and Apartheid (80504-C1-R9999)

On Israel and Apartheid
WHEREAS, some activists for the Palestinian cause have recently made prominent comparisons of current policies of the Israeli government with those of apartheid South Africa; and
WHEREAS, Israel is a democracy that encourages lively debate and has a free press while South Africa was a totalitarian regime tightly regulating details of its citizens lives on the basis of skin color; and
WHEREAS, Arabs in Israel—in contrast to South African blacks under apartheid—enjoy the right to vote and hold public office; and
WHEREAS, all of Israel’s universities have Arab students and professors while South Africa excluded black students from “white” universities; and  
WHEREAS, South Africa did not face the same terrorist and existential threats as Israel; and
WHEREAS, both the Israeli government and the majority of the Israeli people have accepted the need for a Palestinian state;  
Therefore, be it resolved, that we reject rhetoric that simplistically equates Israel with apartheid South Africa.