Petition 80501

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Apportionments (80501-FA-¶808.1)

Amend ¶808.1as follows:
The treasurer of the General Council on Finance and Administration shall, not less than ninety  one hundred fifty days prior to the session of each annual conference or as soon thereafter as practical, transmit to the presiding bishop thereof, to the president of the conference council on finance and administration, and to the conference treasurer a statement of the apportionments to the conference for World Service Fund, the General Administration Fund, the Episcopal Fund, the Interdenominational Cooperation Fund, the Ministerial Education Fund, the Black College Fund, the Africa University Fund, and such other funds as may have been apportioned by the General Conference.


The South Georgia Council on Finance & Administration voted to send this petition requesting the apportionments be issued earlier than ninety days before Annual Conference to give CF&A adequate time to review budget requests in the light of our collections’ history and to prepare the overall budget for the conference.