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Course of Study Completion (80486-MH-¶319.3)

Amend ¶ 319.3 as follows:  
¶ 319. Continuance as a Local Pastor
3. A full-time local pastor shall complete the Course of Study curriculum within eight  five years and a part-time local pastor within twelve  ten, unless a family situation or other circumstance precludes the local pastor's opportunity to meet said requirements. The  A full-time local pastor may be granted an annual  one year extension and a part-time local pastor may be granted a two year extension beyond the prescribed limit upon a three-fourths vote of the district committee on ordained ministry, recommendation by the conference board of ordained ministry, and the vote of the clergy members in full connection.7


This change will emphasize the import of completion of course of study and encourage persons to complete the minimum requirements to maintain their status.