Petition 80485

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Discontinued Local Pastor (80485-MH-¶320.1)

Amend ¶320.1 as follows:
¶ 320. Exiting, Reinstatement, and Retirement of Local Pastors Who Are Not Probationary Members
1. Discontinuance of Local Pastor—Whenever a local pastor retires or is no longer approved for appointment by the annual conference as required in ¶ 318, whenever any local pastor severs relationship with The United Methodist Church, whenever the appointment of a local pastor is discontinued by the bishop, or whenever the district committee on ordained ministry does not recommend continuation of license, license and credentials shall be surrendered to the district superintendent for deposit with the secretary of the conference. After consultation with the pastor, the former local pastor shall designate the local church in which membership shall be held. The board of ordained ministry shall file with the resident bishop a permanent record of the circumstances relating to the discontinuance of local pastor status as required in ¶ 634.3d. A person who has been discontinued as a local pastor may not be assigned under ¶205.4.


This will encourage and support those local pastors who are faithful to completion of the Course of Study and will prevent persons from being discontinued and then simply serving as “supply.”