Petition 80048

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Local Pastors Right to Vote and Serve as Delegates (80048-MH-¶318.5)

Amend ¶318.5 as follows:
Local pastors, except student local pastors, may serve on any board, commission, or committee with voice and vote, except on matters of clergy character, qualifications, status, and ordination, except the board of ordained ministry and the district committee on ordained ministry (¶ 634.1).  They shall not be eligible to vote on or and  serve as delegates to the general, jurisdictional, or central conference.


Local Pastors (full and part-time) represent 15% of the clergy membership of the annual conferences.  They have no vote or representation at general or jurisdictional conference.  We trust them to baptize, perform marriages and serve communion. Fairness suggests, they should be given the right to vote and participate.