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Judicial Council (80474-JA-ΒΆ2608.1-!)

Paragraph 2608 of the Discipline is amended to read:
1. The Judicial Council shall provide its own method of organization and procedure, both with respect to hearings on appeals and petitions for declaratory decisions. All parties shall have the privilege of filing briefs and arguments and presenting evidence under such rules as the council may adopt from time to time; provided that at the time of filing, copies of such briefs are delivered to all parties of record. A suitable permanent seat for the council shall be selected, such geographical location subject to confirmation by the General Conference at its next session, said location to provide sufficient space to permit the work of the council, and maintenance of records.  The council shall employ a full-time clerk of the court to assist in all matters of the court and funds for such operations shall be appropriated by the General Conference.


The Judicial Council has no permanent seat, albeit that each Quadrennium sees an ever increasing burden on staff.  A permanent seat, and full-time clerk, would create a clearer identity, afford the Council the status it rightly holds, and decrease transportation costs.