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Alcohol and Other Drugs (80470-C2-¶162.J)

Amend  ¶162 J  
We affirm our long-standing support of abstinence from alcohol as a faithful witness to God’s liberating and redeeming power and love for persons. We support abstinence from the use  abuse of any  all legal and illegal drugs and psychotropic substances. Since the use of alcohol and  illegal drugs and abuse of alcohol is a major factor in crime, disease, death, and family dysfunction, we support educational and prevention programs encouraging abstinence from such use of psychotropic substances and drugs.  
Millions of living human beings are testimony to the beneficial consequences affects of therapeutic, i.e. legal drug use of medicaments - drugs, and millions of others are testimony to the detrimental consequences of illegal drug misuse. We encourage wise policies relating to the availability of potentially beneficial or potentially damaging prescription and over-the-counter medicaments and drugs. W w e urge that complete information about their use and misuse be readily available to both doctor and patient. We support the strict administration of laws regulating the sale and distribution of all opiates and its precursors. We support regulations that protect society from users of drugs of any kind including alcohol and where it can be shown that a clear and present social danger exists we agree that there exists a clear medical and social danger of their abuse. Drug-dependent persons  People dependent on illegal drugs and legal alcohol and their family members are individuals of infinite human worth deserving of treatment, rehabilitation, re-socialization and ongoing life-changing recovery. Misuse should be viewed as a symptom of underlying disorders for which remedies should be sought.  Improper use or misuse might require an external intervention preventing addiction progress. Because of frequent coherence between alcohol and other addictive and psychotropic substances abuse and mental diseases, we ask legislatives and medical care providers that a proper offer of expert care would be available to everyone who needs it. We commit ourselves   to assisting those who have become dependent,  to offer a proper kind of support to substance abusers and addicts and their families in finding freedom through Jesus Christ and also in finding good opportunities for complex treatment, for ongoing counseling  after-care and for reintegration into society.


The amendments make the text more international, consistent with terminology of experts and understandable for all.