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The Gospel and Church (80467-C1-ΒΆ165)

Add new Paragraph to the social principles under the World Community heading:

The World Community – The Gospel and Church

E)  The Gospel and Church - Since every human being is of inestimable worth, and God is Lord of all peoples, cultures and nations, we affirm God’s call to make disciples of Jesus Christ among all nations and peoples.  Every individual person has the right to hear the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ and to have the opportunity to respond in repentance and faith.  Every person, community and culture has the right to have and join a local church community of Jesus Christ.  It is the right of these communities to incarnate the gospel into their local language and cultural setting without restriction as long as they follow the truth of God found in Scripture and God’s call to holiness both personally and socially.  Every culture and people have the right to possess God’s scriptures in their own language and dialect as a means to transform persons and cultures in Jesus Christ.  The affirmation of these rights does not diminish our respect and appreciation for other cultures, peoples, and religions and the principle of religious freedom.  Nor is this to encourage a violation of human will through aggressive proselytizing or forced conversions.


This addition reminds the church of God’s call to share of the good news of Jesus Christ with every people in the world.  Today there are still over 2 billion people who have no or little access to the life and culture transforming Gospel, nor a local church community, nor...