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A Balanced Program for The General Board of Global Ministries (80046-GM-¶1310.3-$)

Amend ¶ 1310.3.c)  All contributions to and income on all funds of the board should be used for current expenses and annual appropriations unless otherwise designated by the donor.  A minimum of fifty percent of the total Apportioned dollars allocated to the General Board of Global Ministries, shall be spent in the Evangelism and Church Growth program area.
    Add a new subparagraph after ¶ 1310.3  Each year, the board shall move closer to a balanced program, one that will balance spending between Christ’s two main imperatives, make disciples and show compassion to those in need.  Program spending which supports the board’s first two goals, #1 “Make Disciples of Jesus Christ”, and #2 “Strengthen, Develop and Renew Christian Congregations and Communities”, will be eventually balanced with the other two goals, #3 “Alleviate Human Suffering”, and #4 “Seek Justice, Freedom, and Peace”.


Program spending for Evangelism and Church Growth declined 48% from 2000 to 2005. The GBGM spent only 1.8% of its Total Operating Expense in 2005 on the ECG program. Beginning with half of the Apportioned dollars is a small first step.  In 2005, this would have been 7.8% of TOE.