Petition 80459

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Term Limits for District Superintendents (80459-SU-¶418)

Amend ¶ 418 as follows:
   The normal term for a district superintendent shall be up to six years, but this may be extended no more than up to eight years at the discretion of the bishop in consultation with the cabinet and the district committee on superintendency.   No superintendent shall serve for more than eight years in any consecutive eleven years.  No elder shall serve as district superintendent more than twelve years.  
In addition, consideration shall be given to the nature of superintendency as described in ¶401-402.


This change will bring ¶418 into consistent agreement with the intentions for greater flexibility for more effective appointments at the discretion of bishops in consultation with the Cabinet and District Committees as expressed in ¶434,¶644, and Book of Resolutions 177 Rural Community, Call for Change B, 3.