Petition 80458

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Access to Supervisory File (80458-SU-¶416.7)

Amend ¶416.7 by adding the following:  
A member of the Annual Conference has the right to review his/her supervisory record file in the office of the Bishop.  A member of the Annual Conference has the right to petition the Bishop in writing for the Bishop to review specific items in that file that the member believes to be untrue or misleading.  Upon receipt of such petition the Bishop shall promptly review those cited items, and if, after diligent investigation, believes the items are untrue or misleading, shall remove those items from the supervisory record file.


Allows errors that have been erroneously placed in the supervisory file to be reviewed, removed so they are not inappropriately used against clergy at future dates.  In American business employees have a civil right to access their personnel files; the Church needs to uphold the same civil right for clergy.