Petition 80457

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Tax Levies (80457-FA-¶1504)

Add new sub-paragraph after ¶1504. Authorizations, as follow:

To decline to honor any levy by the Internal Revenue Service or by any other governmental taxing agency, against the benefits due to any participant or beneficiary, when, in the judgment of the general board, the refusal by that participant or beneficiary to pay the tax in question has been undertaken as a conscientious act of civil disobedience or non-cooperation that is consistent with paragraphs 164-C, 164-F and/or 164-I of the Social Principles of the United Methodist Church.


The General Board of Pension and Health Benefits should have the permission of the larger United Methodist Church, when the board sees fit, to decline to involve itself in a dispute between any governmental authority and a member of a UMC, when conscientious acts of civil disobedience are involved.