Petition 80045

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Equitable Membership for the General Board of Global Ministries (80045-GM-¶1307)

Amend ¶¶1307, 1311.3, 1324, and 705.3 as follows:
Amend ¶ 1307;   Corporate Officers—The board shall elect as its corporate officers a president, three vice presidents, a treasurer, a recording secretary, and such other officers as it shall deem necessary.  The board shall determine the powers and duties of its officers.
    The president, general secretary, and treasurer of the board are ex officio members of all units and their executive committees, and standing committees of the board, without vote.   The Women’s Division shall elect its president, who shall be one of the three vice presidents of the board.
Amend ¶ 1311.3; The composition of the board and its units should reflect the major recognized categories of Church members.  (See ¶ 705.)   A minimum of one-half of the membership should be women.  The percentage of women and men shall be equal.

Amend ¶ 1324. Membership—The Women’s Division shall be composed of fifty members as follows: forty shall be laywomen elected by the jurisdiction organizations of United Methodist Women at quadrennial meetings. (¶ 534.4); five shall be the jurisdiction presidents of United Methodist Women; and five shall be elected by the Women’s Division.  The president, general secretary, and treasurer of the board ( ¶ 1307) and the deputy general secretary, treasurer, and assistant general secretaries of the Women’s Division shall be members ex officio.  The Women’s Division shall elect members to the board from its membership to board membership  a number equivalent to one-third of total board membership but not less than thirty .  The percent of board members represented by the Women’s Division shall not be more than the percent of program dollars provided by the Women’s Division to be administered by the other areas of the board, divided by the Total Operating Expenses of the board.  The calculation will be made every four years using figures for the previous four years preceding each General Conference, beginning with the years 2004 – 2007.   It shall also elect members to units and committees of the board as defined in board bylaws.  The Women’s Division shall also elect it’s board representatives to units and committees of the board.
Amend ¶ 705.3 Members of the general agencies shall be elected using the following formula:
   a) Five persons from each annual and missionary conference in the United States.   At least thirty of these persons will be women elected by the Women’s Division process as members on the General Board of Global Ministries.


Voting power and influence of the Women’s Division far exceeds its financial contribution.  In 2005 they provided only 5% of total GBGM funds.  Other board members can’t vote on the use of these funds.
    The Women’s Division’s large board membership doesn’t allow a diverse viewpoint, representative of the entire church.