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Universal School Lunch Program (80448-C1-R9999)

A proposed resolution:

Universal School Lunch Program

Whereas,  feeding the hungry is a high moral priority, expressed throughout Christian Scripture and tradition, and
Whereas, some four hundred million of the world’s children presently lack adequate nutrition, and  
Whereas, charitable giving, while helpful, does not encompass the full extent of need of hungry children, and
Whereas, means are now available to provide school lunches for these hungry children throughout the world with a program whose feasibility has been tested and supported by the United Nations and a number of its member countries, including the United States of America, and
Whereas, leadership to advance this proposal has been provided on a bipartisan basis by former  U.S. Senators George McGovern and Robert Dole, both United Methodists, and
Whereas, cost of a fully funded program would be lower than $10 billion per year, and such a program can be implemented in such a way that the agricultural stability of all countries would be enhanced and not undermined, but
Whereas, funding for a universal school lunch program has lagged behind the need, so that many millions of impoverished children continue to lack the nutritional foundation this program can provide,
Be It Resolved that The United Methodist Church encourages the full implementation of the universal school lunch program, while commending Senators McGovern and Dole for their creative leadership as disciples of Christ seeking to help transform the world.