Petition 80447

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Appointment-Making (80447-SU-ΒΆ433.1)

Amend paragraph No.433.1 as follows:
      A change in appointment may be initiated by a pastor, a committee on pastor-parish relations, a district superintendent, or a bishop. With the exception that if in a church conference called in accordance with paragraph No. 248 on the same date as the annual charge conference required in Paragraphs Nos. 246-247 and meeting immediately prior to such annual charge conference eighty-five percent (85%) of those voting favor keeping the current appointment and the current pastor desires to continue the current appointment and the charge has paid all apportionments for the preceding two years with this appointed pastor no change in appointment shall be initiated until after the next annual charge conference.  


Now is the time to embrace the work of the Holy Spirit with the laity in the local congregation. Through the Holy Spirit, the laity is aware of their pastoral needs. This guidance of the Holy Spirit needs to be controlling in the appointment process.