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Sanctuary Churches (80044-C1-R9999)

Whereas, there have been numerous reports in the press about "sanctuary churches"; and
Whereas, by that term is meant that the church offers "sanctuary" against the arrest of persons by the Immigration and Naturalization Commission and all local police officers; and
Whereas, the American Church has never been a place where law enforcement officers are forbidden to enter and carry out their official duties; and
Whereas, this "rule of law" is also unknown to the English Common Law which is the basis for most American Law; and
Whereas, this position is that of choosing which laws you will obey and which laws you will not obey will result in chaos; and
Whereas, the United Methodist Church, and its predecessors, have taken the position that Christians are to obey the civil government;
Be it resolved by the 2008 General Conference that the United Methodist Church believes that all Christians should obey the civil laws; and strongly objects to any local church setting itself up as a "sanctuary church" as defined above.  All local churches should permit civil authority to enter the church and carry out their official duties.