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The Right to Organize and Bargain Collectively (80434-C1-R238)

Revise Resolution 238, The Right to Organize and Bargain Collectively, as follows:
Amend paragraph two:
The national policy of the United States since 1935 has codified procedures through the National Labor Relations Act for the selection of labor unions by workers, for the recognition of these unions by management, and for collective bargaining. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights has long affirmed “the right to form and to join trade unions” as a basic human right for all. However, at the start of the new millennium, workers are finding it harder and harder to form labor unions to achieve economic and social justice in the workplace. Many employers interfere with employees' efforts to exercise their right to unionize by threatening to close their facilities, to fire union activists, or otherwise retaliate against them. There is an increasing number of labor organizers subjected to violent attacks and repression which creates a climate of fear and intimidation for all workers. These violent crimes do not always get full government investigation and prosecution.  
Insert new point four, after point three, renumbering subsequent points, and revise the former fourth point, as follows:
Therefore, The United Methodist Church:
3. calls all employers to abide by their employees' decision when a majority has signed union authorization cards or otherwise indicated their desire to be represented by a union, and to refrain from using National Labor Relations Board hearings, elections, and appeals as a means for delaying or avoiding representation for their employees;
4. calls on all governments to take strong measures to prevent violent attacks against labor organizers and to engage in prompt and full prosecutions whenever such attacks occur;  
4. 5. supports efforts in the U.S. Congress to amend the National Labor Relations Act to (a) expedite workers' efforts to organize and bargain collectively and (b) strengthen enforcement provisions to hold employers accountable when they interfere with, delay, or otherwise violate any employee’s fundamental right to organize and bargain collectively, and (c) cover workers, such as farm workers, who are presently excluded; and
5.  6. urges annual conferences, local congregations, and clergy to actively affirm the right of workers to organize for collective bargaining by involving themselves in efforts to support workers who desire to exercise this right. United Methodist institutions and organizations have a Christian responsibility to exemplify the teachings found in the Social Principles and to support the right of their employees to organize for collective bargaining. The United Methodist Church through its boards and agencies, conferences, and local congregations will publicize this resolution among members of the church.
Adopted 2000
See Social Principles, ΒΆ163B and C