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Affirmation of Rural Chaplains (80428-GM-R173)

Revise Resolution 173, Affirmation of Rural Chaplains, as follows:
Revise ninth paragraph:
Whereas, the Rural Chaplains Association continues to develop international/global linkages, especially with Russia, Tadjikistan , Mexico, and Guatemala, by exposing participants to the cultural, economic, political, ecological and religious life of their people;
Revise tenth paragraph:
Therefore, be it resolved, that rural chaplains continue being recognized as a special type of mission personnel of  are recognized as having a special relationship to the General Board of Global Ministries as those called to serve others in town and rural settings; the General Board of Global Ministries for town and rural settings; and,
Revise twelfth paragraph:
Be it further resolved, that the General Board of Global Ministries be encouraged to continue support for  a relationship with the Rural Chaplains Association in the future.