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Housing in the U.S.A. (80425-C1-R117)

Revise Resolution 117, Housing in the U.S.A., as follows:
Amend section C (1), deleting last sentence of first paragraph:
C. At the national level
(1) Subsidized Rental Housing (Section 8) and Public Housing
Under the Section 8 Housing Assistance Payments Program, renters normally pay a percentage of their income for rent, and the federal government makes up the difference between that and the HUD- (Department of Housing and Urban Development) established Fair Market Rent. We support this program for subsidizing rents as one way of opening up more housing units to low-income families and yet expecting such families, when possible, to provide their fair share of costs. However, the reality is that there are just not enough units of housing available at a cost that can be afforded by the poor, even with payment assistance. There is a great need for developing more housing units. In 1985, more than 8 million low-income renters were in the market for the available 4.2 million units at an affordable (minimum of 25 percent of income) price.