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Cooperative Ministry (80420-GM-R52)

Revise Resolution 52 as follows:
Revise title:
52. Plan to  of Support for Cooperative  Parish Ministry

Delete first and fourth paragraphs as follows:
Whereas, the 376 participants in the Sixth Consultation on Cooperative Projects, Ministries, and Parishes: Pathways with Promise, coordinated by the National Cooperative Parish Ministry Leadership Team, held in St. Louis, MO, on November 13-16, 2003, affirmed the benefits of congregations working together to make disciples of Jesus Christ and shape communities that reflect the reign of God; and

cooperative ministry is an intentional style of team ministry that enables groups of congregations and their pastors and laity in a defined geographic area, as United Methodists and ecumenically, to work together in ministries of nurture, outreach, and witness; and
Whereas, cooperative forms of ministry are proven to enhance lay leadership development, to provide greater support and peer accountability among clergy, and to further connectional awareness and increased resourcing from the connectional church; and  

Whereas, the Cooperative Ministry Common Table, under the leadership of the General Council on Ministries and involving, the National Leadership Team on Cooperative Parish Ministry, meeting at the site of the Sixth Consultation on Cooperative Projects, Ministries, and Parishes explicitly recognized and affirmed the need for support of cooperative ministry from bishops and cabinets, annual conferences, districts, local churches, and general boards and agencies, and seminaries;