Petition 80405

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Committee on Central Conference Affairs (80405-CC-¶1300-!)

Delete ¶2201 and add the following as a new paragraph after the current ¶1311:   
1. The General Conference recognizes the differences in conditions that exist in various areas of the world and the changes taking place in those areas. There shall be a Standing Committee on Central Conference Matters serving as an independent coordinating body.  The General Board of Global Ministries shall be the facilitating agency to the standing committee.   The standing committee shall serve as the coordinating body to study the structure and supervision of The United Methodist Church in its work outside the United States and its territories and its relationships to other Church bodies.  
2.  The standing committee shall meet twice within the quadrennium in order to review, consider, and develop resolutions and petitions related to central conferences and may be called into session during General Conference as needed. It shall review and prepare such recommendations as it considers necessary for presentation directly to the General Conference. The committee shall submit its report and recommendations in accordance with the timelines governing general agencies for submission of petitions and resolutions.  All resolutions and petitions related to central conferences presented to the General Conference shall be referred to the committee for consideration, and the committee shall report its recommendations directly to the General Conference.  On matters dealing with the determination of episcopal areas (¶ 405.1), affiliation and autonomy (¶ 572), and joining The United Methodist Church (¶ 575), the committee shall report directly to the General Conference.
3.  The standing committee shall be comprised of a total of thirty-seven members assigned by the Council of Bishops.  At least fifty percent of the membership shall be from among the members of the General Board of Global Ministries.  Membership shall consist of one bishop, one ordained minister, and one layperson from each central conference, and one bishop, one ordained minister, and one layperson from each jurisdiction.  The central conference bishop assigned to the General Council on Finance and Administration shall also be a member of this committee.  Special attention shall be given to the inclusion of women, lay, clergy, youth and young adults.  The chairperson of the standing committee shall be a central conference bishop, and shall also serve as a member of the Connectional Table.
4. The General Council on Finance and Administration shall recommend to the General Conference for its action and determination a provision in the budget of an appropriate general Church fund for the expenses incurred by the standing committee.

Approval of this legislation will also require that references to the Commission on Central Conference Affairs elsewhere in the Book of Discipline (¶¶572, 575, 705.5c) be changed to reflect this new name and placement in the Discipline.
Assumptions for projected budget:
1.    19 non-GBGM members, of which 14 are from central conferences
2.    Meetings of 3 days length held in conjunction with GBGM meetings  
3.    Average travel costs for central conference members of $4,000
4.    Average travel costs for jurisdictional members of $ 500
5.    Housing, meals and miscellaneous costs of $250 per day
Travel cost:          $58,500
Housing, meals, misc.:    $31,250
Translation:          $  3,500
Meeting rooms, printing:    $  1,750
TOTAL       $95,000
Total estimated cost for two meetings per quadrennium is $190,000.  Some of these costs may be offset by a reduction in the General Conference budget if the Commission on Central Conference Affairs is eliminated and, therefore, does not meet during the quadrennium or just prior to the start of the next General Conference.


The GCFA, in conjunction with the Commission on Central Conference Affairs and the GBGM, is bringing this legislative proposal forward to provide a better means of bringing central conference concerns to the attention of the general agencies of the Church during the course of  
the quadrennium.  By being linked into...