Petition 80396

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Fiscal Responsibilities (80396-FA-¶806.12)

Amend ¶ No. 806.12     
12. The Committee on Audit and Review (¶ 805.4b), on behalf of the council, shall monitor the compliance of agencies receiving general Church funds (See ¶ 810.2) with the fiscal accountability policies and practices set forth in ¶ 806, the personnel policies and procedures set forth in ¶ 807.13, and the general policies set forth in ¶¶ 811.1-3, .6, 818, and with recommendations made by the independent and/or internal auditors under ¶ 805.4b, with respect to matters of possible or potential financial impropriety or violation of policies and procedures. The council shall have authority to implement actions which it may approve based on recommendations from the committee.


These revisions clarify and enumerate all of the responsibilities for monitoring the activities of the general agencies receiving general Church funds that are assigned to the Committee on Audit and Review.  This revision will provide for the separation of the duty of monitoring compliance from the duty of recommending personnel...