Petition 80385

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Charge Conference Authority (80385-LC-¶2528)

Amend ¶ 2528        
The board of trustees shall be responsible to the charge conference.  In a pastoral charge consisting of one local church, the charge conference, constituted as set forth in ¶¶ 246-247, shall be vested with power and authority as hereinafter set forth in connection with the property, both real and personal, of the said local church.  In fulfilling that duty, the charge conference may, namely:
1.  If it so elects, direct the board of trustees to incorporate the local church, expressly subject, however, to the Discipline of The United Methodist Church (see ¶2506) and in accordance with the pertinent local laws and in such manner as will fully protect and exempt from any and all legal liability the individual officials and members, jointly and severally, of the local church and the charge, annual, jurisdictional, and general conferences of The United Methodist Church, and each of them, for and on account of the debts and other obligations of every kind and description of the local church.
2.  To direct  Direct the board of trustees with respect to the purchase, sale, mortgage, encumbrance, construction, repairing, remodeling, and maintenance of any and all property of the local church.
3.  To direct Direct the board of trustees with respect to the acceptance or rejection of any and all conveyances, grants, gifts, donations, legacies, bequests, or devises, absolute or in trust, for the use and benefit of the local church, and to require the administration of any such trust in accordance with the terms and provisions thereof and with the local laws appertaining thereto. (See ¶ 2532.5.)
4.  Direct the board of trustees to  To do any and all things necessary to exercise such other powers and duties relating to the property, real and personal, of the local church concerned as may be committed to it by the Discipline.


These changes clarify existing law that the trustees report to the charge conference and not to the church council.