Petition 80382

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UM Name Registration (80382-FA-¶2502)

Amend ¶ No. 2502          
  The words Methodist or “United Methodist” are not to be used as, or as a part of, a trade name or trademark or as a part of the name of any business firm or organization, except by corporations or other business units created for the administration of work undertaken directly by The United Methodist Church. The General Council on Finance and Administration is directed to register as a service mark the names United Methodist  charged with supervision and registration of “United Methodist” and the denomination’s insignia (¶807.10 and ¶807.11).


The word “Methodist” cannot be registered by the GCFA because it is used by many groups with Wesleyan origins.  The second change concerning the logo is to make this paragraph consistent with ¶ 807.10 and ¶ 807.11.