Petition 80381

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Responsibilities (80381-DI-¶1115.2)

Amend ¶ No.1115.2     
2.  To provide education, counsel, resourcing, and training for the local church stewardship ministry group chairperson, commission on stewardship, board of trustees, endowment and permanent fund committees, wills and estate planning committees, memorial committees, committee on finance, committee on finance chairperson, financial secretaries, and treasurers, and to develop program resources and training materials for use with and by the above-named persons and/or groups (see ¶807.17). Matters relating to procedures involving official records, forms, and reporting of finances  statistical and financial information shall be the responsibility of the General Council on Finance and Administration.


The Committee on Official Forms and Records has referred this language to clarify and amplify the responsibility and need for control of  the reporting processes for both financial and statistical information.