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The Advance (80380-GM-¶820)

Amend ¶ No. 820     
1. The Advance for Christ and His Church (hereafter referred to as the Advance) is an official program within The United Methodist Church through which support may be designated for projects approved by the Advance Committee of the Connectional Table  General Board of Global Ministries. (See ¶ ¶ 1310.3b. and new 1312)
2c) Rather than being given to a specific project, an Advance Special Gift may be given to the following designated programmatic units of the General Board of Global Ministries: Evangelization and Church Growth Program Area, Community and Institutional Ministries Program Area, Mission Contexts and Relationships Program Area, Mission Personnel Program Area, United Methodist Committee on Relief, and such other agencies as were designated by the General Council on Ministries . In such cases the agency  programmatic unit shall determine the Advance Special project(s) to which such a gift shall be allocated, inform the donor where the gift has been invested, and, as far as practicable, establish communication between donor and recipient....
3e) Upon receipt of funds for a general Advance Special, each administering agency  programmatic unit shall communicate promptly with the donor, acknowledging receipt of the gift and suggesting avenues for communication if communication has not already been established.
4. Receipts for general Advance Specials shall be remitted by the local church treasurer to the conference treasurer, who shall make remittance each month to the participating agencies  General Board of Global Ministries in a manner determined by the treasurer of the General Council on Finance and Administration. Individuals may remit directly to respective agencies  programmatic units in a manner determined by the treasurer of the General Council on Finance and Administration, with these remittances reported to the annual conference treasurer by the respective agencies  programmatic units.


The responsibility for the Advance has been assigned to the General Board of Global Ministries, with projects limited to the designated programmatic units.  No other agencies have been designated to recommend projects for the Advance.