Petition 80377

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Committee on Official Forms and Records (80377-FA-¶805.4c-$)

Amend ¶ No. 805.4c   
4. Committees—c) Committee on Official Forms and Records—The council shall maintain and supervise under the direction of its general secretary a Committee on Official Forms and Records, which shall have the duty of preparing and editing all official statistical forms, record forms, and record books for use in the Church. Through these forms, the Council shall collect statistical and financial information from all annual conferences of The United Methodist Church.  The committee shall consist of one bishop elected by the Council of Bishops and nine persons elected by the General Council on Finance and Administration, as follows: one member of the council from each jurisdiction  five members of the council, one conference secretary, one conference treasurer, one conference statistician, and one district superintendent.  At least one member shall represent the central conferences.  The members shall be from the qualifying jurisdiction  area or serving in the qualifying position at the time of their election. The following persons shall be consultants to this committee ex officio, without vote: two staff representatives of the council, a staff representative of the General Council on Ministries, a representative of The United Methodist Publishing House, and representatives of other general agencies when their programs are directly involved. All official record forms, record books, and certificates designed by the committee for use in The United Methodist Church and available for sale shall be printed and published through The United Methodist Publishing House.


This language on official forms and records more accurately reflects this new reality of the global Church and the need for financial and statistical records in standardized formats.
The estimated additional cost for the change from jurisdictional conference members to include one central conference member for the two meetings per...