Petition 80373

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Supervisory Follow-Up (80373-JA-¶362.1e)

Amend ¶ No. 362.1e
e) Supervisory Follow-up and Healing – The bishop and cabinet shall provide a process for healing within the congregation, annual conference, or other context of ministry if there has been significant disruption by the complaint. This process may include sharing of information by the bishop and / or cabinet about the nature of the complaint without disclosing alleged facts, which may compromise any possible forthcoming administrative or judicial process .  When facts are disclosed, due regard should be given to the interests and needs of all concerned, including the respondent and complainant who may be involved in an administrative or judicial process.  This may include a process of a just resolution, which addresses unresolved conflicts, support for victims, and reconciliation for parties involved.”


¶ 362.1e) currently provides that as a part of the Supervisory Follow-up and Healing the bishop and cabinet should provide a process for healing within a congregation following the filing of a complaint against a clergy person.  However, the ability to assist a congregation may be seriously impaired because this...