Petition 80368

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Approval of Building Proposals (80368-FA-¶2520.2)

Amend ¶ No. 2520.2     
2. When the local church has secured final architectural plans and specifications and a reliable and detailed estimate of the cost of the proposed undertaking as provided in ¶ 2543.7, the board shall require their submission for consideration and approval. The board shall study carefully the feasibility and financial soundness of the undertaking and ascertain whether the financial plan will provide funds necessary to ensure prompt payment of all proposed contractual obligations and provide for the full financial support of the program ministries, including annual conference and general Church benevolences.   ,and  I i t shall report its conclusions to the church and to the cabinet in writing.


Recognizing that the primary ministry of the local church is through its programming, at the local level as well as at the other levels of the connectional system, approval of building projects should be based on a reasonable assurance of continued full support of those ongoing financial obligations.