Petition 80367

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Proceeds From Sale of District Parsonage (80367-FA-¶2517)

Amend ¶ No. 2517
2.  Any district conference or district union that owns property or has employees may be incorporated in its own name if permitted by local law. The title of  district property may be held in trust by a district board of trustees. Unless the district conference or district union is incorporated in its own name, each district’s shall have a district board of trustees, which shall be incorporated. The district board shall consist of not fewer than three nor more than nine members in accordance with ¶ 609.5, having the same qualifications provided for trustees of local churches (¶ 2524), who shall be nominated by the district superintendent in consultation with the district nominating committee, if one exists, and elected by the district conference. Where there is no district conference, they may be elected by the district board of stewards or by the annual conference on nomination of the district superintendent. They shall be elected for a term of one year and serve until their successors shall have been elected, and they shall report annually to the district conference or annual conference. Title to district property may be held in trust by the incorporated district conference or union, the incorporated district board of trustees, or .  If the title to the district parsonage is not held in trust by the  district board of trustees, the same shall be held in trust by the trustees of the annual conference of which such district is a part, and such trustees shall report annually to the district or annual conference. ...
3. From any such determination, there is reserved unto each of the interested districts the right of appeal to the next succeeding annual conference.   Any sum received as or from such share shall be used for no other purpose than purchase or building of a parsonage in the district.  The same procedure shall be followed in determining equities of a district in any other property that may be included in another district by changes in district boundaries.


This change in sub-paragraph 2 notes the preference for incorporation of a district, but makes incorporation optional in conferences where district property and employees relate to the annual conference and not to the district.
Deletion of this sentence in sub-paragraph 3 enables the use of funds from the sale of...