Petition 80366

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Conference Trustees (80366-FA-¶2512)

Amend ¶ No. 2512     
1. Conference Trustees—
Each annual conference may be incorporated in its own name if permitted by local law.  It shall have a board of trustees, which shall be incorporated unless  if the conference itself is not incorporated in its own name. In either case, the board shall consist of twelve persons, and it is recommended that one-third be clergy, one-third laywomen, and one-third laymen, in accordance with the provisions of ¶ 609.5. Said persons must be of legal age as determined by law, and lay members shall be members in good standing of local churches within the bounds of the conference. Such persons shall be the directors of the corporation. They shall be elected by the conference for staggered terms of four years, except for the first board, one-fourth of whom shall be elected for a term of one year, one-fourth for a term of two years, one-fourth for a term of three years, and one-fourth for a term of four years, and shall serve until their successors have been elected; provided, however, that existing incorporated trustees of any annual conference may continue unaffected while the charter or articles of incorporation are amended+ to bring them into conformity with this paragraph.
2. The board of trustees shall meet at least annually and organize by electing a president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer, whose duties shall be those usually pertaining to such offices. They shall be amenable to the annual conference. Vacancies occurring between sessions of an annual conference shall be filled as follows: Upon nomination by the conference committee on nominations, the district superintendents shall, by majority vote, elect a trustee to serve until the next annual meeting of the trustees conference. Vacancies shall be filled by the annual conference for the unexpired term.
3. The board of trustees shall have the following authority with respect to the properties of the annual conference and its agencies:
    *  *  *
        d) Unless The the annual conference provides otherwise, any contract, deed, bill of sale, mortgage, or other necessary written instrument needed to implement may include in  any resolution authorizing proposed action regarding annual conference property a direction that any contract, deed, bill of sale, mortgage, or other necessary written instrument may be executed by and on behalf of the annual conference board of trustees by any two of its officers, who thereupon shall be duly authorized to carry out the direction of the annual conference; and any written instrument so executed shall be binding and effective as the action of the annual conference.
    *  *  *
7. Establishment of Annual Conference Policy with Regard to Government Efforts to Designate Church-Owned Property as Landmarks—The board, after consultation with the conference commission on archives and history, or alternate structure, shall develop a policy for an annual conference response, on behalf of any local church, church-related agency, or district or annual conference board of trustees located within the bounds of the annual conference, to any governmental effort to designate a property held in trust for the benefit of The United Methodist Church (¶ 2503 2501) by any such board of trustees as a cultural, historical, or architectural landmark.


The first addition in subparagraph 1 clarifies that either the annual conference or its board of trustees shall be incorporated, with the preference being for incorporation of the annual conference itself.  The second addition highlights the need for staggered terms to permit the overlap necessary to provide continuity of understanding...