Petition 80036

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Staff-Parish Tenure (80036-LC-¶259.2b)

Amend ¶259.2b as follows:
b) In order to secure experience and stability, the membership shall be divided into three classes, one of which shall be elected each year for a three-year term. The lay member of the annual conference and the lay leader are exempt from the three-year term. To begin the process of rotation where such a process has not been in place, on the first year one class shall be elected for one year, one class for two years, and one class for three years. Retiring members of the committee shall not succeed themselves.  Members of the committee shall be able to succeed themselves one time. When vacancies occur during the year, nominees shall be elected at the church council (or alternative church structure).


The internal policies and procedures used to administer to a large staff require experienced people with knowledge of the Church’s past practices to implement.    We believe that the six year limit is ideal to assure continuity and provide for the needed transitional opportunity.