Petition 80359

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Conference Board of Pensions (80359-FA-¶638.1)

Amend ¶ No. 638.1
1.  Authorization—There shall be organized in each annual conference a conference board, auxiliary to the General Board of Pension and Health Benefits, to be known as the conference board of pensions, hereinafter called the board, that shall have charge of the interests and work of providing for and contributing to the support, relief, assistance, and pensioning of clergy and their families, other church workers, and lay employees of The United Methodist Church, its  the institutions, organizations, and agencies within the  that annual conference of The United Methodist Church, except as otherwise provided for by the general board.


As written, the language could be construed to infer that The United Methodist Church is a legal entity and the employer of these employees, contrary to the statement in ¶ 139.  This revision clarifies that employment relationship to the organizational entities of the annual conference.