Petition 80358

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Apportionments (80358-FA-¶614)

Amend ¶ No. 614   
When a change to the apportionment formula or method is proposed, the council should provide for a study of the proposed change’s effects.  After its study, which may include resources supplied by the General Council on Finance and Administration, T the council shall recommend such formula or method to the annual conference for its action and determination the methods or formulas by which shall include the approved budgeted amounts for clergy support, administration, World Service, Conference Benevolences, and other apportioned causes (¶¶ 613.1-.4), the sum of which shall be apportioned to the districts, churches, or charges of the conference.63


This modified language will protect the annual conference council on finance and administration from unprepared motions on the annual conference floor designed to adjust an apportionment formula and ensure the awareness of the information and experience assembled within the General Council on Finance and Administration.