Petition 80357

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Conference Council on Finance and Administration (80357-FA-¶612)

Amend ¶ No. 612
4. To consult and cooperate with the commission on communication in providing district superintendents, pastors, and appropriate officers of the local churches and charge conferences with interpretive aids or other materials to assist in gaining understanding and support of the conference budget and other approved conference causes.  This shall include the theology and discipline of financial giving.
5. To develop policies governing the investment of conference funds (except for pension funds as provided in ¶ 1508), whether in debt or equity, short-term or long-term instruments,...
6.  To recommend to the annual conference procedures for funding local churches, including the theology of financial giving.
7.  To assist local churches in making their church buildings, facilities, and programs accessible.
7 8.  To recommend to the annual conference for its action...


The conference council on finance and administration needs to resource local churches in the area of giving in order to strengthen financial giving in the connection where it primarily happens, in the local church.