Petition 80356

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Powers and Duties (80356-CC-¶543.4)

Amend ¶ No. 543.4     
4. A central conference shall participate in the General Episcopal Fund on payment of its apportionment at the same percentage basis as that fixed for Annual Conferences in Jurisdictional Conferences.  The General Council on Finance and Administration shall determine the apportionment amounts for the annual conferences of the central conferences for the succeeding quadrennium based on calculation methodology approved by the General Conference upon recommendation by the Council. This determination shall be informed by consultation with the Council of Bishops.


Apportionments for the Episcopal Fund in the jurisdictional annual conferences are no longer based on a percentage of clergy salaries as they were prior to 2001.  Therefore, this reference to a related methodology for annual conferences in the central conferences is not appropriate.  The current methodology is based on proposed...