Petition 80355

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Jurisdictional Committee on Episcopacy (80355-CO-¶522.3a)

Amend ¶ No. 522.3a     
3. The jurisdictional committee on episcopacy shall:
a) Review and evaluate the work of the bishops, pass on their character and official administration, and report to the jurisdictional conference its findings for such action as the conference may deem appropriate within its constitutional warrant of power. The evaluation shall include those areas of responsibility outlined in ¶ 414 and ¶ 415, as well as the bishop’s leadership in the promotion and support of the full payment of apportionments.  When a bishop is found to be deficient in their official administration a report shall be made to the president of the college of bishops, and the president shall share this report with the Council of Bishops in executive session.  
b) Recommend boundaries of the episcopal areas and the assignments of the bishops.8...