Petition 80354

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Special Sessions (80354-CO-¶519.2)

Amend ¶ No. 519     
2. The College of Bishops of a jurisdiction by a two-thirds vote shall have authority to call a special session of the jurisdictional conference when necessary; provided, however, that if an episcopal area is left vacant by reason of death, retirement, or other cause within twenty-four months of the close of the preceding jurisdictional conference, the College of Bishops may by majority vote convene within three months, after giving not less than thirty days' notice, a special session of the jurisdictional conference for the purpose of electing and consecrating a bishop and of considering any other matters specified in the call; and provided further, that in such case the standing  current jurisdictional committee on episcopacy may recommend to the conference reassignment of one or more of the previously elected bishops.


This correction makes the reference consistent with other paragraphs of the Book of Discipline, including ¶ 407.1 in which the jurisdictional committee on episcopacy recommends assignment of bishops to episcopal areas, after consultation with the College of Bishops, at the time of quadrennial elections.